Working as a Golf Caddy

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Know any good films about golf/caddying?

Probably the best two are Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore. Then there is Tin Cup and The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Where have you Caddied?

I am originally from Australia, so I have caddied many times over there in Canberra, Sydney, Wollongong, Narooma, etc, mostly for Pros. I have also caddied in Japan for Amateurs and Pros and in the US (Buick Invitational Torrey Pines, San Francisco Golf Club) for amateurs. I can speak Japanese and understand their culture, which I find opens a few more doors everywhere I go.

I am in my 50s and semi-retired. Can I be a Caddy?

As long as you can physically carry the bag, you can do it - it doesn't matter what your age is. Having more experience about dealing with people and playing golf will also be very beneficial. This is one of those things were age is probably a bit of an advantage. It also helps to have an interesting personality and be entertaining if required.

Is it possible to carry more than one bag at a time?

You bet. Mostly, you will only have to carry one bag, but there are ocasions where you will be carrying two. Depending on the course, you may swap bags for a whole, but at the San Francisco Golf Club, the caddy had to get organised and chase both balls.

Do you offer the ebook in a hardcopy version?

No, I don't. Because of the changing nature of the Internet and the information within the guide, I am constantly finding new ways to update and improve the ebook. I suggest reading the whole thing, then coming back from time to time. News about any changes will be announced in the mailing list.

Do you directly offer people jobs?

No, I don't. I like to do Caddying jobs myself. If we both happen to be at the same course, then I will do all I can to help you get a bag. We can also have alerts about any openings in the newsletter. To access the actual information, you will have to be a member. I hope that in time, I will be contacted about supplying Caddies directly from courses/players, which I can pass on to the members of this site.

If you are as successful as you claim why are you doing this instead of working as a Golf Caddy?

A good question. Since my Father passed away in 2002, I have tried to be as productive as possible. I have many interests but also get bored very easily. Doing the same thing everyday is not something that appeals to me, which includes almost everything except playing golf. I have Caddied many times and know how to do it, so I am in a great position to share my knowledge with others. I think in some small way, I can continue to do what he did - help people interested in the game of golf.

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